2019 Summer Program (NTU) Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

Dear ITS students,

Greetings from the College of Management at National Taiwan University. We are pleased to introduce you to the "2019 Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Summer Program.” The College of Management at NTU strives to continually offer enriching programs to benefit future and current students worldwide. 


This annual 4-week summer program is organized by the College of Management, and is conducted completely in English. Our goal is to help students explore human values, formulating business strategies, and develop technological platforms for sustainability and innovation. For more details, please check the link here:

【Experience in Taiwan】

The Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability Summer Program is also a gateway for overseas students to explore Taiwan and establish networks with locals. In addition to our substantial in-class lectures, we will arrange off-campus tours and company visits to enhance our students’ experience in Taiwan. For more details, please check the link here:

【Discount for Partner Schools】

We are delighted to announce that NTU offers a TWD $15000 (≒USD $500) discount for students from our partner schools, for all inclusive fees of up to TWD $99000 (≒$USD 3300). The fees include application fees and program fees covering expenses for lectures, study materials and resources, orientation, accommodation, travel insurance, cultural events, and field trips. For more details, please check the link here:

【Students’ Evaluation】

2018 Summer Program was rated 4.7 (total average) out of 5. This shows that we are on the right path to develop high-quality courses to meet the students’ needs. Please take a look at the 2019 course description and syllabus at

Program Details

•    Date: July 8, 2019 – August 3, 2019

•    Location: National Taiwan University, Taipei City, Taiwan

•    Eligible Attendees: Undergraduate & Graduate students

•    Program Language: English

•    Contact person: Ms. Rita Sung at

•    Website: NTUCoM Summer Program