Cultural Camp 2016

Cultural Camp 2016

Three consecutive days of Cultural Camp 2016 were really memorable. Cultural Camp is an annual program which aims to introduce Indonesian beauty and culture towards international students of ITS. This program was conducted on September, 16 th -18 th 2016 at Rowo Terate Villange, a rural area located in South Malang. 71 participants which are consist of 41 international students, 12 extracurricular students and 18 volunteers were taking part in this program.

All participants were departed from Rectorat Building at 5:20 am and divided into 3 bus. Before leaving, there was a speech from Dr. Maria, the Head of ITS International Office. It was about 6 hours to reach Rowo Terate Village. After arrived, all participants had their lunch and directly met their house family. At 3:30 pm all participants had fun sport with the villagers. There were tarik tambang, balon lipan, and hula hoop games. 2 hours later they enjoyed their rest and prepared for welcoming ceremony at 6 pm. Welcoming ceremony was exactly started on 6:15 pm at Balai Dusun. The international students continued the agenda by having extracurricular practice on 8pm-9:30 pm.

On Saturday, the activities began in each house and all participants had photo challenge with their house family. Precisely at 8:20 all participants were heading to school by truck to do social responsibility projects. They were divided into 3 different schools; elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school. After that, at 1 pm the participants continued their activities by practicing extracurricular. There were martial art ( perisai diri ), choir and traditional dance. At 4:30 pm all participants had fun sport again with the villagers. They played football, volleyball, and balap karung. It was completely fun. After getting tired, they had their rest. They should have had performance night at 7 pm but it was postponed since a heavy rain occurred.

In the next day, some of participants went to the church to have Sunday service at 8 am until 9 am. After that, there were closing ceremony and also performances from international students in the church. It was exactly at 11 am, all participants left Rowo Terate Village and directly went to Ungapan Beach. At 12 am we arrived in the beach and had buddy session. Then, at 14:30 all participants were heading back to Surabaya. They enjoyed the dinner at Mojorejo restaurant at 8 pm. They were safely arrived at ITS on 10 pm.