Speed Dating UK and ITS Delegates

British council

Surabaya (5/03) ITS hosted a visitation of senior delegates of UK and Indonesia universities which was a program of British Council. There are 9 representatives from United Kingdom universities, namely as University of Aberdeen, University of Birmingham, Coventry University, etc. alongside with 11 eastern part of Indonesian representatives namely as Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Universitas Airlangga, Universitas Trunojoyo Madura, Universitas Pattimura, etc.

The activity was designed as initial step to examine potential research collaboration between UK and Indonesia following the launch of Newton Research Fund on March last year. This meeting also strengthened relationship between both countries, especially in the education pillar. Therefore, all participants were encouraged to bring research collaboration ideas and/or higher education level agreement.

All UK delegates arrived in Surabaya by airplane from Yogyakarta in the midday of Thursday. Around 60 participants were welcomed by a traditional dance from Riau, Sumatera right in front of ITS Rektorat Building. Then, the participants were directed to dining hall where lunch meals awaited them. After enjoying the buffet, each participant was asked to present about their university.

The main agenda, speed dating, followed after the introduction from all participating universities. There are 9 booths where each represents every UK delegates. Every Indonesian participant who interests in a particular university, either to continue his/her degree or discussing a promising research, were facilitated to visit their intended booth. The speed dating took time around an hour with interactive atmosphere. At 16.00 all delegates were heading to a bus which would transport them to Hotel Bumi, Surabaya in where they stayed and waited for the gala dinner on the night.